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Gayle is the creator of the documentary A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY and co-creator of the TV series JUDGEMENT DAY: SHOULD THE GUILTY GO FREE (both premiered on HBO). Gayle is the creator and host of the video podcast series ON THE TRAIL WITH GAYLE and producer/director of the award-winning documentary MY NOSE, a festival favorite playing worldwide to rave reviews.

Currently, Kirschenbaum Productions is in the post-production phase of a feature documentary called LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! (formerly known as My Nose: The Bigger Version). Gayle and her creative team are working hard to complete this powerful documentary and show it to a wide variety of audiences. Find out more about the film here:

Gayle has been featured in media including The New York Times, NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s Early Show, Fox TV, Oxygen TV, the Ladies Home Journal, Washington Post, O Magazine, Howard Stern, CBC Radio, and BBC radio. Gayle Kirschenbaum is a published author and artist. She is the founder of the NY Writer’s Group, member of PGA (Producers Guild of America), NYWIF, Women in Film, Women in Publishing, and D Group.

Gayle’s film, A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY premiered on HBO and has been featured widely in the media. It’s a wacky, poignant documentary about the positive effects of the bond between dogs and humans as told through Gayle’s story with her Shih Tzu, Chelsea. Click here to learn more- A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY. After completing A Dog’s Life, Gayle produced and director the award winning film MY NOSE that became a festival favorite and played worldwide. MY NOSE received raved reviews from the Washington Post “Dazzling self-confidence” to The Jewish Week “Hilarious Romp!” MY NOSE is based on Gayle’s mother’s quest to get a nose job since she was fifteen. To Learn more about it, click here- MY NOSE


In addition to being a filmmaker, artist, producer, writer, photographer, Gayle is also a “personality”.  Known for her humor and poignancy, Gayle’s aim is to entertain, expose, educate, inspire and transform her audience. Gayle is also a motivational speaker specializing in teaching people how to transform difficult relationships. (


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